• Ryan Reynolds in a buddy movie with Samuel Jackson!? As you can imagine I had very high hopes for this and they were expanded further by the trailer and brilliant promotion material including The Bodyguard (1992) spoof poster.

    Within the first 15 minutes I was already appeased, Ryan Reynolds is one of those few guys who just has "It" the natural comedic timing, uncanny charisma and acting ability to boot.

    The movie is charming, hilarious, action packed and riotous fun.

    Also featuring Salma Hayek, Elodie Yung and briefly the highly underrated English legend Richard E Grant.

    Yes it does follow a formula you'll be familiar with, you won't see anything you probably haven't seen before and it's very "Hollywood" but in this case that is just fine.

    Competently made, brilliantly performed and with a kicking soundtrack to boot.

    I dislike action films as a rule but some of the sequences even got my blood pumping and being a comedy action a witty quip would always follow.

    Though not ground breaking The Hitmans Bodyguard is a great piece of fun cinema.

    The Good:

    Decent chemistry between leads

    Ryan Reynolds is an entertainment god

    Elodie Yung

    Well crafted soundtrack

    The Bad:

    Clichéd and a tad predictable

    Things I learnt from this movie:

    Mother f**ker is beyond a catchphrase for Jackson now