• Warning: Spoilers
    I came back from the cinema in "Vasco DA Gama" after watching this film. This film is completely worthless. It's stupid, empty and commercial. First the main character working hard in order to pay the bills, he is trying to find a job, trying to find it really hard, then after actually finding it finally he just don't take it and going to help a woman to go to hospital, scrip writer please suicide! Voice over is used everywhere, when it is necessary and when it isn't. They go inside of the teenagers house and VO saying how things are around, and then on the next frame they are already on the street and OV still talking about ambiance of the teenagers house, seriously!? It is cinema show it with sound and picture!

    Mateus is a small tech addicted kid, all film he is addicted to Ipad, then he miraculously getting inspired by Doroteia, who appears on the film for 2-3 minutes, play in the garden, and then getting lost because he found some internet cafe to play his games, them after he gets happy! WTF?! Where is the evolution of character, when he is getting inspired, by what he is getting inspired? No scenes?!

    Doroteia the character that inspires everybody almost not shown on the film.

    Daniel also has no money trying to get a job and he is looking always the same no black eyes, no slimmer body/face, he is looking always the same, there was no inspiring scenes, only voice over voice over and voice over, it's looks like a radio show and not cinema, maybe like this was cheaper for production.

    Also at the moment when he is giving his last 300€ to Vasco, then he is going to the trip and paying hotel, where he got the money? How he is getting money for hotel when he spent his last money?!

    Also when Xaver is dying, where is the sound? No music, nothing is there.

    All characters only after going to the trip not doing anything special, getting happy and like changed completely, but the director didn't make anything to evolve characters.

    Scenes many times are too long and with poor acting, Mateus was the worst actor there. You can get bored really quickly. There is an Thai commercial about "Givin is best communication", this commercial in other language in 3 minutes says more that all this film in more that 1 hour.

    I don't feel the empathy with the main character, sound didn't fit for it, I didn't field in dangerous when Daniel was attacked by teenagers, it always looked so not natural, so bad acting.

    Camaraman in the car dialogues,in the scene with Daniel and Alípio focus is only on Daniel, no focus on Alípio when Alípio is talking, please mans, it's just horrible or cameraman work that couldn't change focus from one character to other or editor that could easily crop unfocused Alípio from the scene.