• A young professional woman in the city has OCD, can't stop counting, and for some unknown reason only ever has one shoe on. When she finds a man's lost shoe, she speculates with the bartender about finding a male Cinderella who will be the answer to all her problems. Clichés ensue.

    This is an extremely professional, well made film. Technically speaking, the director and cinematographer have a very bright future. Effective use of mirror images, pacing and a bright engaging actress do well to portray hipster female neuroticism more akin to Seinfeld than most portrayals of a "woman on the verge" that rely on edge, "hysteria", abject humiliation or shock value.

    Unfortunately, as the title suggests, the material is too dreadfully clichéd to recommend this particular piece.

    I hope that this teams finds success doing something more meaningful. With the recent successes of Lena Dunham and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, there is definitely a market for this sort of thing out there.