• Tricked into believing that he is the most popular student on campus, a college freshman gradually proves his worth in this Harold Lloyd silent comedy. This may not be Lloyd's funniest movie with several gags (falling down a staircase) telegraphed too far in advance, but this is a nice departure from Lloyd's earlier comedies with more in the way of character development and a narrative that is more plot than gag orientated. Even Lloyd's most famous work, 'Safety Last!', is most a series of skits loosely connected together, whereas 'The Freshman' spins a surprisingly compelling story with lessons to be learned and characters who change - and 'The Freshman' is still a fun comedy first and foremost even with such solid drama. There is a hilarious extended scene in which Lloyd attends a ball where his tailor has to keep discreetly mending his suit. Another highlight has Lloyd outsmarting a dog and the bits where keeps inadvertently annoying the college dean are awesome. There is also a beautiful shot in which Lloyd wipes the dust off the mirror to reveal his love interest, to his surprise, standing behind him. Jobyna Ralston does not have much to do in the role (compared to her earlier Lloyd collaborations) but she is as solid as ever, and with a great supporting cast to match, this is a Harold Lloyd comedy that lingers in the mind on account of more than just the jokes.