• Radio station manager Doug Simpson (Tony Danza) gets into a fight and thrown out of the window. The cops interrogate him. The station is fading. He's a widower raising daughters Katie (Ami Dolenz) and Bonnie. Katie turns 15 and is adorkable. Richie is her equally dorky neighbor boyfriend. While Doug is out of town, she gets a makeover from his girlfriend Janet Pearson (Catherine Hicks). Suddenly, she's hot and every guy notices. Let the parade of guys begin. Doug seeks help from Dr. Herman Fishbinder (Wallace Shawn) and his book.

    I imagine this would be the fate of 80s teen movies if John Hughes didn't exist. It's cheesy and father-knows-best is overwhelmed. Even the drag race and burger place hearkens back to the 50s in their styles. Danza is not able to get beyond his TV personality. It is unrelentingly unfunny. It takes no risks other than Katie's age. Dolenz is actually 19 as she plays the 15 year old. There is a Lolita factor in a bad way as she does the slow-motion Baywatch running. There is also a young Matthew Perry who comes in during the second half. It's all pretty bad. Nobody actually needs to see this.