• I make no bones about the fact that Adrien Brody is one of my least favorite actors working today. I find his delivery boring and his expressions uninspiring. So the fact that I was able to enjoy 'Manhattan Night' as much I did in spite of him says a lot. There's a lot going in this film. There are love stories, crimes, drama, mysteries and even the odd dash of action sprinkled into the mix. And it's all blended together exquisitely.

    Yvonne Strahovski really impressed me with her performance. I had previously seen her in 'Dexter' and enjoyed her in that, but this was a step up again. Brody in the lead role, whilst I didn't love him, was certainly in better form than he usually is. There is some narration by his character and it reminded me of 'Sin City'. Very dark and gritty and admittedly well done.

    If you'd told me I would enjoy 'Manhattan Night' as much I did before going in I would have laughed at you. It took me very pleasantly by surprise though and I would recommend giving this one a chance.