• Warning: Spoilers
    "The Devil's Mistress" is the (allegedly) true story about the Czech actress who became Goebbels' mistress for two years immediately prior to WWII. The story is based on the actual biography of Lída Baarová, though it played loose with the timeline of events and what the actress was doing even after the onset of the war.

    Though I can appreciate why a dramatic license was given, it's a tough sell turning Joseph Goebbels into a sympathetic romantic lead. Even with the understanding that a woman could deliberately blind herself to her lover's actions, the actual story is hard to stomach. It is portrayed as Baarová's narration of her own life, told in a way that makes her own actions more palatable. The realities of history were mostly ignored.

    *If* the film could have succeeded showing the romance between the actress and the monster, it lost that chance with the narration. Too much plays out like a soap opera, including with its unfortunate choice of music. This train wreck of a movie culminated with a sex scene so unfortunately hilarious that I likely sprained something from laughing so hard.

    Then I hated myself for being such a juvenile that I'd laugh at this movie.

    Ultimately, this whole film was nothing more than a cheesy disaster, finally coupled with an even cheesier ending. (Remember, Baarová married many times. The last husband left her financially affluent, though this reality would not have meshed with a storyline that portrayed Nazis as being about as ferocious as teddy bears.)

    The movie was so bad I couldn't look away. I am not a better person for having seen this. You've been warned.