• Warning: Spoilers
    Well I will definitely start by saying It's a must see film regardless of my summery "Amazing until it wasn't" because as i said it was only the last 20 min's or so that let it down..

    Basically everything after the whole becoming a vengeful spirit/demon which in my opinion regardless of the other comments wasn't well done, make up or special effects! Which in it's self would of been forgiven and ignored given the very high level of acting, writing, directing, editing, as well as how completely emotionally invested i was with Sarah Jeavens as if i was right there along side her the whole way, even to the point where i'd be shouting at her (more accurately the TV screen) during some parts and quietly giving her direction during others.

    BUT.. I said would of been forgiven, unfortunately i can't ignore it as it completely ruined what was and mostly is a great Thriller/Horror that for some crazy reason then completely does a u turn and becomes a terrible low budget horror for the last 20 min's completely in contrast to the rest of the film and then just ends. leaving you wondering if someone had recorded over the last 20 min's with a completely different film for a joke.