• Warning: Spoilers
    Pike Smith (John Anderson) was an attorney for the Water Company of San Clemin, California. He opposes change and is replaced by the flashy Jerry Bounds (Adam West). He brings some kind of lawsuit...to end the privatization? I am not sure. Pike hires a PI (Harvey Jason) to follow Batman around. He has an idea...bring in a ringer on the jury, a hot woman who can seduce the cape crusader and get him disbarred. Enter Londa Wyeth (Ahna Capri) a buxom blonde. Now the strings they pulled to get her to be a resident and in the jury pool were not discussed in detail. It just happened.

    This is an odd film. None of the characters were likable except for Bailiff Hank Kimball (Alvy Moore) who is always likable.

    In addition to Ahna Capri sharing her goods, so does Christiane Schmidtmer, the "Boeing Boeing" stewardess and former Playboy and Max Factor model. Lou Rawls sings the opening song. Based on a book, "Come Now The Lawyers." Camp style fun with major plot holes. Fitting ending. Available on multi-packs.