• I have mixed feelings about this Merrie Melodies short. What I mean is, I don't love it as much as I do some, certain others, but at the same time, I don't detest it either. Since it deviates from the norm of these usually comedic cartoons, it would come as both an unexpected surprise and a disappointment. I agree that not all cartoons have to be comedy-driven and this educational rather than entertaining one is alright for what it is. But regardless, many people still would expect all of them to bring the funny to them simply because it's for which they're known in most cases. It was a fair attempt at doing something different.

    As other reviewers have explained, Porky Pig, as a schoolboy, finds learning the Pledge Of Allegiance dull, since he can't quite get the hang of the recitation. But after falling asleep, he meets the spirit of Uncle Sam, who explains the significance of it. And we're shown some scenes that go over the history of how that came to be. Another reason why I may not frequent viewing this short on the third disc of Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 2 (other than on the special occasion of Independence Day) as much as I do several others whether on DVD or online, is because of the reputation of the two historical figures who are discussed, the very first U.S. president, George Washington and Patrick Henry, as both of them are slave owners. So the fact that they were touted as so-called great men is iffy. This is not even edu-taining, but purely educational. Like I said, I found it alright, but not among the best for me. Do I recommend this to others who may be reading this? Well, it all depends if anyone doesn't mind the break too much from the hilarity and thrill of the WB cartoons. But for those who don't have a high enough tolerance and appreciation for that, then you're all welcome to skip it.