• Warning: Spoilers
    A man named Giorgio sees a killer dispose of a corpse and pays the killer to kill his own wife. The killer does murder the wife then loses the body which he has stowed in the trunk of a car as two passing young people steal said car and drive off to the beach. The murderer follows. What begins promisingly develops into a tedious section with the young people finding an uninhabited house and finishes off by getting more implausible. The ending is supposed to be ironic but it doesn't make any sense as there is no reason why the Inspector of police should suspect Georgio at all. Not good plotting and Luigi Cozzi's direction is not thrilling or interesting.

    The actors are adequate. Antoine Saint-John as the killer looks menacing and is the best thing in it. The music score by Nando De Luca tries ludicrously hard but is quite ineffective. The house by the sea is picturesque though.