• Warning: Spoilers
    This series solved brilliantly what is probably the most difficult problem of contemporary show-business: finding a politically correct antagonist. The most acceptable options are: the Evil, all-white corporation and the evil Christian radical cult (it must be Christian, because all other religions are off-limits, no matter how crazy, cruel or archaic).

    Having both Evil corporation and Christian radicals as the enemy Orphan Black gets the gold medal as the most politically correct TV show (although this also proves the schizophrenic attitude of the target audience, probably the same crowd who lighted candles outside Apple shops when Steve Jobs passed).

    Back to the show, the anti-heroine is a nasty piece of work called Sarah, a "streetwise" mother "hustler" (mother being the key word), who thinks she is allowed to do anything to "protect" her child - and let's forget she abandoned her child for a year.

    Sarah discovers she is a clone and also that nature definitely trumps nurture, since all the other clones are also bitches, although each in a different way: Helena is the crazy assassin, Allison the crazy housewife, Cosima the crazy scientist etc. But all are mean and egotistical.

    Sarah lives on the run, because Evil, all-white corporation is trying to catch her. Sarah is the only fertile clone, but also a major pain in the a** and a threat to corporate security. Logically, an evil corporation would just get rid of her and study her dead body (and eventually her child), rather than keeping her alive.

    However, in the show, the preposterous need to keep Sarah alive creates an endless series of cliff-hangers, one more absurd than the other. The last one I watched involved crazy assassin Helena, resurrecting for the umpteenth time and miraculously finding her way to an exclusive condo where Sarah also happened to be and where evil corporate clone bitch Rachel lives (or something along those lines).

    I honestly don't know how they kept this going for five seasons.