• I was disappointed when watching the 1st season, I felt I was wasting my time. Characterwise they were hollow! The plot was not good either, and they just kept repeating the same formula most of the episodes with little to no good action. There were at least 2 or 3 episodes that were good in my opinion, but the rest were cringe-worthy. So I hated this show and wanted nothing to do with it, that's why I did not care about Season 2.

    Nevertheless, I found myself with nothing else to watch and, for some coincidence, I saw its thumbnail in Netflix with the New Episodes tag, so I decided to give it one more chance. Without knowing, I was binge watching the whole 2nd season and gotta tell you it's really good. Characters are way more entertaining and likable, and they added some new characters to the roster which gave a more dramatic developing of the plot. The actions scenes had improved, not to mention close combat can sometimes be very epic!

    If you are familiar with Arrow and the Flash you might know sometimes what to expect, and some situations might be related to those shows, but it makes sense since they are in the same universe. If you are a fan of the 1st season of Legends of Tomorrow then you will love the 2nd one. If you are not, give 2nd season a try, even if you are not finished with the 1st one ;)