• I will echo that this series is a classic. (I wish I could find it on DVD at a price I can afford! Guess I'll start saving my pennies.)

    As we know, the topic is the English Civil War, told through the eyes of the members of a noble(?) house divided among Royalists and Parliamentarians, with almost no one getting a happy ending.

    The cast is top notch, the writing is great, and the costumes are superb. Hair is on point for the period (for the women, anyhow - some of the men have eighties hair).

    The choreography for the sword fights is astonishing (astonishing!), as is the staging for the battle scenes. All before CGI, folks! (Furthermore - at least one important cast member made it to an equally important role on CGI-fest Game of Thrones.)

    The only not-so-great aspect of this great series is the music - aspirational faux-cavalier composition that detracts from this fabulous show. Again, very of-the-eighties.

    Love it; can't recommend it highly enough.