• I really wanted to give it a try, hearing about a new military TV show with a female lead. I really did, being a female in the Army. I came to IMDb to read the reviews to see if I was wrong, but it looks like I was right.

    When the commercials showed the main girl with ponytail in uniform...I knew that if I watched it, I'll just be focused on the glaring mistakes than the show (I'd accept the beard/long hair on the male CPT as civilians not understanding the difference between SOF/SOAR). I know CW is about hot lead actors/actresses, but they could've at least gotten the basic appearances right. I don't want the "there needs to be 3 things wrong on the uniform" excuse - they could've done subtle differences like other shows/movies have done (i.e. her form-fitting uniform).

    Why does Hollywood think that they can lower standards with a hot female lead? Even the uniform for that time the show is set is WRONG. It just shows the director didn't put that much effort to the show - so if he doesn't care, then I don't care for the show either. It's sad that finally we have a female-driven military TV show and it's set up for failure.