• Warning: Spoilers
    Michael, a big-shot lawyer, on a visit home to see the folks, is questioned about if he has a girlfriend yet. Back in New York, he has a cough he can't get rid of. He goes to the doctor who runs blood tests.

    It's aids. He breaks up with his partner and returns home, to not only break the news of aids, but that he's gay.

    This is 1985. His father, who runs a timber yard, is horrified (almost punching him out). His sister won't even touch him. His brother-in-law (Paxton), well, somehow after the news breaks, he's not in the movie any more.

    This is 1985. You can get hiv/aids (it's the same thing) by a hug, by sharing utensils, possibly even by breathing the same air. Or not. It's only prostitutes, blacks and gays that get it.

    This is 1985. The network were very scared about making this TV movie, the first of it's kind to deal with hiv. They had executives from standards and practices onset, to make sure that homosexuality didn't come across as acceptable. That the gay couple didn't kiss. Or hug too much. They wanted the boyfriend to have given hiv to Michael, to make him the bad guy. They were afraid that it wouldn't sell, even after 13 forced rewrites.

    And it didn't. They lost $600,000 on it's 1st airing, ad executives didn't want to touch it, despite being number 1 in the Nielsen ratings. They tried again 6 months later and lost $1,000,000.

    Paramedics refuse to pick him up to take to the hospital. Nurses refuse to enter his room to bring him food. This is what it was actually like. People thought only gays and blacks got this disease. Possibly druggies as well. He meets a very lively character in a group session, the most interesting person in the movie. Don't get too attached though. He dies.

    Meanwhile, after attempting suicide and being saved by his father, daddy dearest realizes he wants his son alive, even if he is gay. Even the sister realizes her unborn child can't get aids from a hug, and he even gets back together with his cheating lover.

    The end. (And hopefully you've forgotten that his doctor told his mother he's going to die horribly in a few years).

    Won Golden Globe - Best Supporting Actress Won Peabody Award Won Director's Guild Award - Outstanding Director Nominated for 13 Emmy awards, won for Writing, Cinematography, Sound Mixing and Editing. Which I just have to ask, just how many people was the oboe player sleeping with?

    Sad scene where your father hates you? Oboe solo.

    Angry scene where you smash stuff? Oboe solo.

    Break up with lover? Oboe solo.

    Happy family reunion? Oboe solo.

    New friend is dead? Oboe solo.

    Emmy Nominee in Music Composition. Seriously?


    Tom Boyd - Oboe soloist and holy moley he 'gets around'. Over 1300 movies use his oboe work. Is there a shortage or does he just pucker up for cheap?

    Terry O'Quinn - no-nonsense doctor, best known as John Locke (Man In Black) from Lost John Glover - most interesting person in the movie. Dies of AIDS. Was Riddler in several incarnations of Batman and Superman series, but ended up as Lionel Luther in Smallville.

    Aidan Quinn - wasn't a big enough name to get starring role in a film that he stars in, he now stars in Elementary as Captain Thomas Gregson Ben Gazzara - homophobic dad, starred in his own series in the 60s, Run For Your Life, where he's told he only has 2 years to live, so he goes out and lives life to the fullest. Pretty much what he tells his son to do here.