• A smug wealthy bourgeois,Monsieur Dupont ,wants his daughter Paulette ,fresh from a Spanish convent,to marry an aristocrat's son Robert she never met before :thus she will become countess De Trivelin !There's just one problem:Paulette ,an ingenue ,is clueless.So her father asks a friend of the family ,a not-very- handsome Désiré, to introduce her to the joys of modern life:tennis, horse-riding..

    The office Catholique Du Cinema firmly advised their flock against this movie,and for a good reason: Many of the lines deal with virginity, impotence, and others hint at sexuality .

    Désiré covets the bride .During the honeymoon ,strange things happen to the noble groom.When he comes back ,it seems that the sentence "do you anything to declare ?" keeps him from ...doing his conjugal duty.

    The good cast (check the cast and credits) cannot save the movie from coarseness.When the painter/mistress appears ,there's nothing more to expect from the hackneyed story.

    Thanks to Jacqueline Maillan (who was much better on stage) ,we know that Galileo did invent the hula hoop :hence his famous sentence "and yet it moves " !