• There will be no spoilers just an assessment; This is better than the commercial shows. Of course Discovery and the Kelvin-Films have superior production values, but since when were perfect effects and sets important? Ever since the Star Wars Prequels we know that plot matters and not effects.

    That is not supposed to mean the acting, the effects and the sets are bad, they are pretty outstanding, so good that you forget after a couple of minutes that you are "just" watching a fan-film.

    Star Trek Continues has something far more important than a grand budget, this has actual characters, an actual story and above all, makes us invest emotionally and pays off big time in the end. You watch this, you will care for our triumvirate in the end even more, you will understand their future actions and decisions. And isn't that what a story is all about; we the audience care for the characters in it.

    It is sad that fan films are no more, at least not in the current format. This show has been a treat from the beginning and this episode is clearly the peak of fan films. I doubt it will be surpassed any time soon.