• One of my favorite current Adult Cinema directors Dick Bush is still in training in "Asscapades", a silly Brit Porn comedy in which director (and mentor) Hazza B'Gunne gives the lad 10,000 pounds to bring back a porn video using real-life talent.

    Bush cracks lots of dumb jokes to fill dead air between sex scenes, and the talent proves to be familiar porn stars, ranging from stalwarts Danny Mountain and Mark Sloan to lots of fine Euro babes including Dora Venter and Diana Gold. Running gag is Bush offering players exorbitant amounts of money, when we viewers know these Brit-based troupers are undoubtedly working for peanuts (many of them including Mountain and Keni Styles later to jump ship and make their fortune in Chatsworth, California).

    Bush is personable and hopefully will someday graduate to mainstream cinema based on his talent as an action movie director, albeit porn division. But this sort of anal sex comedy is for the birds (pardon my intentionally mangled transatlantic pun).