• Pointless sex filler is the goal of "Interview with Raylene", a dumb excuse for a Vivid release back in the day. It apparently served its purpose of generating sex scenes for anthologizing later.

    Randy Spears interviews superstar Raylene on a TV show, with scripted b.s. rather than spontaneous conversation between the two of them. She has sex and various TV crew members also indulge, and before you know it nearly 90 minutes are in the can, and onto the next assembly-line project from the once mighty porn label.

    Big breasts are spoken here, as not only Raylene's are on display but two of the larger members of the Vivid family: Olivia and Adaaja participating in a three-girl lesbian scene. Not to be outdone, the reliable Renee LaRue also has her moment of moneymakers in the sun.

    At one point Raylene cajoles the show's producer Sean Michaels to service her, providing both big-dick and interracial sex content. This is pornography in the manner of painting by the numbers.

    Given the large volume of product generated by all involved, this falls into the bottom 5 percentile of their videos or DVDs worth sitting through.