• Love animation, it was a big part of my life as a child, particularly Disney, Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, and still love it whether it's film, television or cartoons.

    Chuck Jones is one of the greatest geniuses in animation history, or at least to me and many others. 'Old Glory' is a different effort for him, being focused more on history and education rather than wit and humour (fans of the Jones and Looney Tunes that they're familiar with will be disappointed). It's a pretty decent one too and an interesting look at what he was capable of in his early days before he found his style. It is fair to say though that Jones did go on much better things when his cartoons became much funnier, wittier, more inventively animated and iconic characters introduced and made household names.

    'Old Glory' does have segments that are agreed on the brief side and end rather abruptly.

    Porky is likable enough but a bit bland (with all of the featured supporting historical characters and Uncle Sam making more of an impression), while the story tends to be episodic.

    However, the animation is very good. It's beautifully drawn, very detailed and the colours are vibrant, complete with some great expressions for particularly the rabbit.

    Carl Stalling's music score is typically lushly and cleverly orchestrated, with lively and energetic rhythms, it's also beautifully synchronised with the action and gestures/expressions and even enhances the impact. All of those things Stalling was an unparalleled master at in animation, or at least in my view.

    Despite it lacking Jones' usual wit and humour, 'Old Glory' offers a very interesting glimpse at American history, doing it in a way that's educational and makes some good points without laying it on too thick. Any patriotism feels neither too preachy or tacky. The supporting characters are fun to spot and the voice acting is good.

    Overall, not one to be seen for humour's sake but well-made and interesting. 7/10 Bethany Cox