• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm watching this movie because I've heard in a film show talk about it. It is about sexual repression. The problem is that he treats it in such a cold way that it does not reach the viewer. It is a distant movie. It is difficult to get to empathize with a character when they do not let you see his face. In too many planes are the actors back or side without letting us see their feelings.

    It should be cold because it is about something that is not happy, yes, but one thing is that it has a cold picture that helps the narration and another thing is that it leaves the viewer cold. And why do I say it leaves the viewer cold? Why the director, although he is very clear about the script and what he wants to tell, what he does not know is to tell it. All planes are distant and from outside the action. There are no changes of planes, everything is a fixed plane sequence except for a moment and that denotes not knowing where you want to go since each moment requires a type of plane.

    The actors are very good. All convey that coldness and that regret. The problem is that the director too often does not let us see them.

    Photography really is not pretty. It helps tell the story because it is cold, but not a beautiful coldness. It is very austere so austere it seems to you a television movie.

    It is true that art and make-up and costumes help a lot to get into the moment and place where the action is. It is the best of the movie.

    The management, however, I think that only has the story you want to tell, from the point of view of the script, but this is cinema and has more sections. There are times when the type of plane, which is usually general, takes you out of the story so far from the action.

    If you are a lover of art cinema and essay, you will like it