• Warning: Spoilers
    "Ovnis en Zacapa" is one of those movies everybody should see, is entertaining, funny and is well made, obviously, is not perfect or excellent but comply with the kind of film that is. Is incredible how the independent productions have grown in Central America, and this film proves this because it was made with so little money but, despite this, is clear that they knew what were doing.

    The characters are so well made, everybody with his distinctive personality, especially the professor Rober Daneri (played by Daneri Gudiel, who does a very good performance), he is very funny and you can think he does not care about anything but at the same time, he is clever and can take a situation with seriousness. The other characters works perfectly with him and help to the development of the plot. the cinematography and sound are good, I would say that comply with the standard, just in a scene, I remember that suddenly the sound change and you could hear how it had imperfections, but taking away that part everything is good. The visual effects obviously are not the stunning visual effects from a Hollywood movie (even from one of the worst) but you easily understand what's happening and that is the important.

    Is also incredible that this movie it is of three genres, science-fiction, comedy and a thriller, I think is works very good in those three, particularly in the first two. If is something I did not like from the film was some parts of the end, I liked the end but I think that some elements were no so original and you can even think that are a little bit taken out of the sleeve, a little hurried, like the police appearance at the end when entering the house.

    Like conclusion, this is a very funny film, very good, with great characters, and a great story that will have you with your eyes glued to the screen until it finish, is another prove that in Central America exist good cinema and that we are learning, with any quantity of money, to make it better.