• A quirky and lighthearted romance film that encapsulates what it means to fall in love and the pure, laughable elements of teenage love. You are the apple of my eye captures this great aspect of teenagers but set in a cultural background so different from what the average American audience it is sure to send a certain level of culture shock yet still able to connect foreign viewers with its magnificent story telling.

    This film is such an easy and delightful watch, it captures the authentic life of Taiwanese students in such a great, down to earth and realistic way. It truly goes above and beyond to highlight the beauties of the island of Taiwan. This film does such a good job at blending the good and the bad, the happy and sad moments of teenagers in a way that I believe transcends borders and languages. Thus, as a Taiwanese myself I always recommend this film for foreigners who want to broaden their views and understand my culture. It is lighthearted, relatable and very well executed.