• Warning: Spoilers
    Beautiful, emotional movie showing very well Frank Williams strong, but having difficulties showing emotions (like many men) character. I'm pretty sure deep inside he's got lot of feelings, pride, sadness, loss and caring for his family and team. Not many people could move on like him after so many sad things that happened like his accident, losing his caring wife, his kids not talking to each other etc. And there we come to the point that makes me give the movie a 6 instead of a 7: Has the writer or director been in coma for 30 years (1987-2017)? It would have been interesting to know what Frank was thinking about the fatal disaster that occurred in 1994 with the best driver he ever had, Senna, and believe me I'm not Brazilian, but I was in Brazil when it happened and I never before and never after have seen so much sadness in a country where people normally never lose their humor even though they might be sad because of their situation. I'm pretty sure this incident hurt him deeply after all the throwbacks he had before in his life.

    All in all great portrait of a standup man and his great daughter that resembles her mom very much. be it in her determination, looks and ability to show emotions unlike her dad.