• Warning: Spoilers
    Would you believe that an extremely sophisticated "B" western was written and directed by Richard Thorpe (of all people) as an entry in his Wally Wales series?

    Desert of the Lost (1927) not only has a very clever script and most astute direction, but handsome production values as well.

    Notice some really brilliant directorial touches like Edward Cecil's reaction at the very beginning of the movie.

    And for once, the heroine, most ingratiatingly played by Dolores Wolfe, has a substantial and important role to play.

    I also enjoyed the villains as personified by slovenly William J. Dyer and the even more chilling Richard Neill.

    Wales himself is okay, although his make-up is a bit off-putting. He and Dyer do their own stunts.

    And there is some very clever location camerawork.

    (A Grapevine 9/10 tinted DVD).