• I loved Lab Rats. It was my favorite show of all time, which I know isn't true for many, but I loved it. The characters were amazing and the fandom was awesome. Adam was funny and endearing, Bree was naive and fun, Leo was sassy and awesome and Chase was my favorite. I loved the side characters, especially Douglas. The show was funny but action-packed, and sometimes serious for a Disney show. People I knew said the show was half-decent. I heard Mighty Med had well-written plot and that people liked it. The crossover episode lab rats vs mighty med was good, so lab rats elite force should be good too, right? Wrong.

    Adam and Leo, the show's two biggest were gone. The characters personalities were changed to fit the hole left by the characters who were gone. Chase was in love with himself, and constantly made fun of for being a nerd. (note: Between biggest and were on the first line of this paragraph is the word comedians, sorry I'm lazy) making fun of nerds Disney? You've reached a new low. Yes, Adam, Bree and Leo made fun of him but they were family. In this show, Chase and Bree no longer feel like family. Skylar's really annoying in my opinion, I just didn't like her at all. Bree and Skylar are essentially competing for the same spot, and Kaz's humor, there to make up for Adam obviously is missed as everyone is being snarky and bickering at one another. It no longer seems like a fun superhero show but a reality tv show about college students holed up in a dorm that must learn to like each other out else they won't get food. Overall, there was a lot of potential for the show but it sucked.