• Warning: Spoilers
    There's no way around it, but the truth is that Paramount's "The Misleading Lady" (1932) is a misleading mess.

    Perhaps we shouldn't blame the players, namely Claudette Colbert, Edmund Lowe and Stuart Erwin? That's certainly a great cast!

    Perhaps the problem lies with the director (Stuart Walker)? But is seems that Walker's hands were tied.

    The screenplay closely follows the plot of the successful 1913 Broadway play. So whu would want to change it?

    But frankly, although I thoroughly enjoyed the screwball comedy of the First Act, I found the extreme violence of the Second Act way out of place.

    And as for the bizarre introduction of a comic lunatic in the Third Act -- that was even more difficult to take on board.

    (This movie was formerly available on a very good VintageFilmBuff DVD).