• This is a simple film, constructed gradually, and one guided by a great sense of humanity. You do not know why Gandolfini goes into a strip joint, but he does, and there the stripper offers him sex. He pays like a customer but declines sex and you subsequently find out that his daughter, of about the same age as Stewart, had died in a car accident a few years earlier. His relationship with his wife, excellently portrayed by Melissa Leo, is very touching, and one based on mutual respect and trust, and both come to see Stewart as someone who could have been their deceased daughter.

    There is nothing soppy or sentimentalistic abut this movie. Stewart is a foul-mouthed and unkempt prostitute and drug addict, but the love shown by Gandolfini and Leo gives her a new outlook on life and she seems ready to change by movie's end.

    I found WELCOME an uplifting and humane film, and recommend it.