• Warning: Spoilers
    All nine films in the Rough Riders series (1941-42) are available on Public Domain DVDs including Critics' Choice and Mill Creek.

    Although they have a devoted following, these Rough Riders are not generally regarded as Buck Jones' best work, although they all offer very good entertainment. Mind you, the series got off to a fine start with Arizona Bound directed with surprising competence and even a bit of style by Spencer Gordon Bennett of all people whose philosophy was most definitely: "I don't bother to make it good, I always make it usually by a Tuesday or a Wednesday and certainly never later than a Thursday!"

    Jones, McCoy and Hatton made the most of their opportunities in "West of the Law" and received great support from Tris Coffin, Dennis Moore, Luana Walters and company.

    Adele Buffington wrote the scripts for the entire series, which was not such a bright idea as, with the exception of Dawn on the Great Divide, she did tend to repeat herself.