• Warning: Spoilers
    A typical entry in the Rough Riders series is "West of the Law" (1942) in which Jones' U.S. marshal goes after the villains by disguising himself as a fellow bad man.

    Where have we met that plot before? Countless times, including Jones' far superior entry, "The Fighting Ranger" (1934) (formerly available on an excellent VintageFilmBuff DVD), excitingly directed by George B. "Andy Hardy" Seitz, of all people, from a thrill-a minute script by Harry O. "The Lost World" Hoyt and featuring a really "A"-grade support cast led by Dorothy Revier, Frank Rice, Bradley Page, Ward Bond (he's terrific!), Jack Wallace (as Pegleg), and our old friend, Denver Dixon, posing as Art Mix who plays Kelso, one of Page's henchmen.

    Getting back to "West of the Law", one of Miss Buffington's duties was to provide a lead role for Jones and topnotch support parts for McCoy and Hatton. McCoy was often cast as a gun-slinging preacher (as here) while Hatton revels in the role of a garrulous undertaker. The lead villain is particularly well played by Jack Daley, whose nefarious schemes are abetted by Harry Woods and Roy Barcroft.