• I don't know what people were complaining about. The graphics were excellent. It was interesting to see why interstellar travel is physically impossible. Einstein showed that mass would increase sharply as we approach light speed, but even without that effect, ordinary physics means that too much energy would be involved if we travelled fast enough to reach the stars in a life time. That aerospace engineer Dewey Hodges pointed out that energy increases with the square of the speed, so even space-ships going at a third of light's speed, about ten thousand times the speed of our best rockets, would need a hundred million times more energy. And he pointed out that collisions with objects as small as snowflakes would have the energy of huge bombs, so what would an asteroid do?

    The movie also avoided a lot of sensationalism. If there are ordinary man-made or natural explanations for observations, we don't need to believe in something extra-ordinary. This includes the Roswell, New Mexico event.

    But that leaves a small percentage without a good explanation. So what is going on there? It's very clear that the claimed experiences are not with good beings but harmful ones. And what can help them? These people have had traumatic experiences, and found it hard to get help because others didn't understand. So don't dismiss what helped them because of a prior bias.