• She's Out of Control (1989)

    1/2 (out of 4)

    Doug Simpson (Tony Danza) has the perfect life with a great girlfriend (Catherine Hicks) and two great daughters. All of this changes when his 15-year-old daughter Katie (Ami Dolenz) gets a makeover and starts getting attention from the boys. Pretty soon dad is living in constant fear that she's going to lose her virginity.

    You know, I'm going to pretend that the makers of SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL weren't trying to be creepy when they made this so-called comedy. After all, a father obsessed with his daughter's sexuality could be seen as creepy and it's easy to see why some would find the material here but I'm going to be nice and think that they simply wanted to make a movie about the stress of being a father but that it spun way out of control. SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL is a pretty awful movie either way.

    There are all sorts of problems with this film but the biggest is the fact that I didn't laugh a single time. For a comedy this is without question one of the worst that I've ever seen and I honestly can't think of too many that didn't have a single laughs. What's really shocking about this movie is how awful Danza is as he really doesn't give any sort of performance and he certainly can't bring this character to life. Even worse is the fact that he can work for a single laugh. Hicks, Dolenz and Wallace Shawn are good in their roles but they're given absolutely nothing to do.

    What's so strange about this movie is the fact that it basically ends with the dad stalking his daughter in order to see if she loses her virginity. I'm sure most fathers fear this moment but I'm really not sure this film handled it the correct way. The entire film has a very weird tone to it and this is probably even more apparent due to the fact that there aren't any laughs. The only saving grace here is a great soundtrack with some early rock and roll tunes. Outside of that, SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL is one of the worst of its kind.