• This is the definitive movie on UFOs!

    Evidence based and logical, this movie brings together the research of many well-known UFO researchers. Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception puts forth a unique yet conclusive answer to the question of what these beings are.

    While the movie is based on the Amazon top-50 best selling book with the same title (i.e. Alien Intrusion), the movie contains new material and a fresh approach to the subject of UFOs. (It is not true as another reviewer on this site said, that if you have read the book, you have seen the movie.) This movie focuses heavily on the Alien Abduction experience in the latter half of the movie and this is where the movie becomes really engages.

    Alien Intrusion has set itself as the benchmark for future UFO documentaries. Production quality is excellent. The special effects, sound, and content is exceptional.

    I would be surprise if Alien Intrusion doesn't pick up at couple of film awards along the way. As it is, if you look at the other reviews on IMDB, most of them are either 10s or 1s. The 1s come mostly from a few disgruntled viewers who were not happy about the Christian theme in this movie, but for those who are open to consider all possible angles on the subject matter, you will find (as most of the other reviewers have, with many voting 10 stars), that this movie provides the definitive answer and solution to the UFO phenomenon.

    The first part of the movie address the science, the history, background and addresses the most frequently asked questions about UFOs. For example, What happened at Roswell and other well-known documented events? What about time travel? What is the consensus among most serious researchers on the subject matter? Where do they come from? What is the Classic Abduction Syndrome? Is there a government cover-up and what have previous presidents of the United States said about these things? What is the inter-dimensional hypothesis? And many other questions.

    But the best part of the movie comes in the second half which interviews a number of Alien Abduction experiencers. Without giving the conclusion away with a spoiler, let's just say that this part of the film is exceptionally well done, and I found myself tearing up as some of the experiencers re-tell their experiences. As a matter of fact, this is the first and only documentary that I have ever found myself being emotional about. It is that well done!

    The film ends with an air-tight , evidence-based conclusion that will allow those struggling with this phenomenon to find answers and resolution. This movie is not for the close-minded, but for those willing to follow the evidence where it leads.

    Alien Intrusion has been gathering accolades from some of the leading UFO researchers around the world for a good reason. If you can only spend time watching one movie on UFOs, this is it.