• Warning: Spoilers
    "The Moped Diaries" is an American 11-minute live action short film from 2014, so next year it will have its 5th anniversary. Quite a lot writers and directors for such a short movie and one of them is also part of the relatively unknown cast. It definitely is not an actors movie we got here, but much more about harmony, pursuit of happiness, to a lesser extent also about romance, friendship and comedy. Sadly it relies too much on what is going on under the surface and almost forgets delivering above it. I see this aired during many film festivals back then and there is nothing really wrong with watching it as it is not a failure, but once is enough as there is simply nothing memorable about the characters included in here. I give it a thumbs-down overall as a consequence. The visual side is also just superficially convincing and it could have been a more beautiful film for sure. Watch something else.