• Warning: Spoilers
    I remember this movie during the summer of 2017, I came across a thump nail of this and had a weird creature with too kids in front of it. I don't think this video is still on youtube. It took me about 3 weeks to finally watch this film and it is one of the best animated fantasy films I've seen. Though too me thats not saying that much as theres not that many animated films that are full blown fantasy.

    I saw this film on September 14th.

    The film circles around Asuna who goes on an adventure in Agartha the land of the dead, with her mysterious substitute teacher Morisaki who is here to resurrect his dead wife, and a boy named Shun.

    I watched the first half of the movie being very enjoyed. It doesn't take long for our characters to get to Agartha. One thing I like are the creature designs in Agartha. One of them the Quetzalcoatl magic creatures that are about to die out. Its a weird abstract creature that carries dead souls to heaven. It was the first thing I ever saw this in this movie as it was on the Youtube thumbnail, I didn't notice Shun and Asuna until later.

    Pros: 1. The creature design. 2. Agartha, its like the Lord of the rings if it went to heaven. 3. The design of the Gate of life of death looks great. It looks like an airship in the day and a giant million eye creature that can ressurect the dead. But for a price. It's like the forest spirit. Human faced goat creature at day, and Nightwalker at night. 4. The action is just fun too watch, especially with the chase scene from the Izoku, and Shun fighting those guards near the end. 5. Other stuff I forgot to mention but will mention later.

    Cons: 1. Despite what i said above there are some problems some being a bit of the second half of the movie. We got a whole bunch of backstory in this place in about a minuet and it doesn't really amount to anything in the end. This movie became a comic but I don't reed comics or manga. But all that backstory we got we never hear it again at all. 2. Ok this a personal issue with me but to me Asuna looks like she's 10 and she's 15. I'm sorry but that just really bothers me a lot.

    Conclusion: I like this movie but I felt like this film had more potential with its backstory. But besides this, this is a solid fantasy film but I would really bring little kids too see this movie mostly do too the Izoku. But this film is a solid accomplishment from the films director. Especially from the one who directed Your Name the most successful anime film ever at the box office.

    7.5 out of 10.