• Warning: Spoilers
    THE FIERCE FIST is a small scale but engaging kung fu drama with a decent cast for once. The plot is an intriguing mix of action thrills and family drama, and much of it is centred around a plot about a wife who is accused of cheating by her violent husband and the man who has to clear his name after being wrongfully accused of adultery. Judy Lee was one of the most popular female kung fu stars of the 1970s and kicks up a storm here, but the best role goes to the stylishly dressed and heroic Yuen Hua, who is constantly being assailed by bad guys. Lo Lieh also bags a strong role as the angry husband who also has a heart despite his mistakes. There's a wealth of solid action to enjoy, and things really pick up at the climax with the introduction of a villain who utilises a massive ball and chain as his weapon of choice. Tien Feng cameos.