• Nice spy versus spy stuff. Fabulous period detail, and Jamila is amazing - the actress looks like a Modigliani portrait.

    Although the overall plot was good, I have problems with the premise that upper crust Spanish women, who were well known for their snobbery, would invite their dressmaker to anything. And managing to drive from Lisbon to Madrid without encountering any border formalities? Gimme a break.

    I was using the English subtitles as a backup for understanding the unfamiliar Spanish accents and noticed some glaring errors - they left out the "not" in one so the English had the reverse of what the Spanish actually said. In another, they used the wrong synonym and the farmer was talking about "camps" being fenced and not "fields". These are basic translation goofs and should have been caught.

    If the show makes anyone look up the ghastly history of the Spanish Civil War and the maneuvering between the Brits and the Germans in neutral Portugal and non-combatant Spain during WWII it's worth it.

    Rosalinda Fox deserves her own movie.