• Antonio Adamo made some great Adult features back in the day and many mediocre ones, with this early daring! Media release falling in the latter category. Problem is all sex and atmosphere, with zero story/character content.

    So the beautiful locations and girls are supposed to make up for boring action, reducing this to generic all-sex. Adamo did the same often for Private Media, but one expects more from him (a la the famed Roma trilogy) working later on for daring! Media Group.

    Even the boats are confusing, as sex is staged against a wonderful ocean backdrop but continuity is thrown to the winds -sometimes it's a sailboat, sometimes a yacht and often just a dingy used interchangeably.

    The framing story is lame in the extreme, as a couple and her sister have a vacation together, but the expected sibling rivalry for our stud hero fails to be developed. The idyllic, hedonistic atmosphere at sea is all that matters.

    Familiar beauties like Blue Angel in the lead role and Carla Cox and Cayenne Klein in support are apparently enough to satisfy the idle voyeur, but I felt cheated. One is supposed to check one's brain at the door (as expected unfortunately with 99.9% of 21st Century porn), but I felt like auteur AA had done the same thing.