• Warning: Spoilers
    The slow scenes were dragged out to be too slow. The actors did well to keep viewers engaged, especially Bale. Cinematography was great, as are most mountain-based movies nowadays. Besides certain historical inaccuracies about train availability and the absurdity of the Army keeping a tag-along woman with them for the duration of the journey, the most offensive part to me was the story line that had the Army Captain eventually comes to respect the Chief and essentially forgives him. That would have NEVER happened. This is simple political correctness that is hogwash. Reality is they probably would have killed the Chief and his family 5 miles out of town. There is no way warriors like that would have ever come to see eye-to-eye about anything. This coming together was predictable early on in the movie and made for some very painful scenes to watch just knowing how it was evolving. Too transparent and too much accommodation for today's politically correct culture.