• A very poor example of Private Media's "international" approach, this exercise in self-glorification by the ancient Euro Porn label has an unintended boomerang effect. Story of a contest to establish the company's top actress deals with corruption in choosing the winner, and ends up accusing Private of being guilty.

    The big-boobed ladies involved include Black Angelika, Tarra White and Aletta Ocean, while the usual gang of studs pretending to be Private brass do the dicking. What makes the show ludicrous is the guys reciting English dialog so poorly that it turns the entire DVD into amateur night.

    So we're left with just another out of hundreds of videos spotlighting these famous Euro XXX queens doing their thing. That the real brass at the company let a script get through that makes them look bad is merely a testament to the sad current state of affairs wherein nobody cares about anything but delivering generic sex scenes.