• Warning: Spoilers
    "Porky Pig" (voiced by Mel Blanc), "Patrick Henry" (voiced by John Litel), "Uncle Sam" (voiced by John Deering).

    Director: ROBERT McKIMSON. Supervision: CHARLES M. JONES. Screenplay: Dave Monahan, Robert Givens, Richard Hogan. Music director: Carl W. Stalling. Music arranger: Milt Franklyn. Producer: Leon Schlesinger. Color by Technicolor.

    Copyright 1 July 1939 by The Vitaphone Corp. Merrie Melodies. U.S. release: 1 July 1939. 1 reel. 9 minutes.

    COMMENT: Although Steve Schneider rates this as one of the best of the Porky Pigs, I'm afraid I would place it in the also-rans. Disregarding all the outdated pep talk from a James M. Flagg of an Uncle Sam, it's still pretty boring, both visually and also on the sound track. The illustrations look like the sort of crudely reverential cartoons you find in early 20th century schoolbooks.

    Worse still, there is not an ounce of imagination, wit or vitality evident at any stage of this potted history of the land of the free. It proves that even the Warner cartoon people can be far more blandly dull than Terrytoons at their worst when they go all serious.