• Seal Team, Six, The Brave... and this dumpster fire of a show.

    One of these things is not like the other. This is a saying we have in the military, when someone in the formation is jacked up, but they don't realize it. This is a good outside example to apply this reference to.

    The other shows have some semblance of realism, the worst out of those 3 being The Brave, being that it borders on the preposterous, but this Valor show... man this takes the cake. Perhaps it's because I am an Army Warrant who flies 60s that I'm so critical, but I can easily remove myself from that viewpoint and objectively say this is terrible writing, no character is likable, just poorly done all around, but as an Army Aviator this show not only makes me not wanna watch but it pisses me off it exists.

    Cancel this crap. I'm certain the actors have no idea how ridiculous they look... someone should read them this.