• Stills & Mills go to the well for the 100th time (at least) in this Oiler collection of web content. As usual, the lovely all-girl cast delivers the goods.

    Title scene refers to Dillion Harper's discomfort due to her tight sports bra, hence the titular assertion (pun intended). She phones Sam Rone for help and certainly a massage and some sex do the trick. This scene and others were shot at the "Immoral Proposal" mansion before it was renovated last year, but do not make much of its distinctive features.

    Best scene has some cinematic content in featuring the wonders of outdoor scenery, seemingly shot in and around (or perhaps fooling me with mere second unit moments) Yosemite National Park. Remy LaCroix and Lola Foxx are on summer vacation together at an attractive lodge, with handsome German Shepherd pooch in tow. No bestiality of course, just good old Lesbian Sex.

    Remy is featured as a different character, playing a masseuse, in another vignette opposite Abigail Mac, which unfortunately is sequenced on the DVD directly after her sojourn with Lola. Just more evidence that these hundreds of DVDs coming from Gamma Entertainment are considered mere icing on the cake for us old-timers to enjoy, with the real bread being earned from subscribers to their various websites.