• Veronica is doing the media circuit at the moment being advertised as one of the scariest movies ever made, causing people to turn it off or walk out of the cinema in fear.

    Let me clarify it is a publicity stunt.

    I went in expecting something generic but I sure as hell did not expect something this awful.

    Spain has a long history of successful horror films, in fact I would consider Rec (2007) the scariest movie ever made. Top that with fantastic zombie cinema from the 60's-80's and they've proven that have what it takes.

    Sadly Veronica absolutely screams foreign influences, specifically Hollywood. Veronica is overwhelmingly similiar to your modern generic American films such as the Conjuring. It has all the usual tropes but somehow manages to feel offensively recycled and considerably worse.

    There is no originality to be found here, from the plot to the attempted scares it's all so terrible.

    So the bottom line, is it scary? Well no, in fact hell no. Very little actually happens and when it does the timing is off so badly all effect is lost. As much as I hate the likes of the Insidious and Conjuring movies they at least manage to get a jump scare or two in! This doesn't even manage that.

    Veronica is the absolute pits, I'd advise anyone even the most hardcore of horror fan to consider giving this a pass.

    The Good:

    Couple of well constructed scenes

    Lead did a decent enough job

    The Bad:

    Predictible "Twist"

    Unashamedly boring

    No originality whatsoever

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    I'm left curious if the advert during the casting for the movie actually specified "Must have enormous mouth"