• IF ever there was a Stargate show that could be restarted its Stargate Atlantis. Having just watched it again from start to finish in Feb/Mar 2018 I was reminded why I loved it so much the first time round - great cast chemistry, mostly very interesting episodes, good humour, very good special effects, and more.

    Many of the actors are available as well if they wanted to use any of them in a reboot.

    I did realize this time more then my first go around that they relied on Rodney to much to resolve situations in fantastical ways, and so yes I could conclude the writing was a bit weak in that department. Yet the writers did succeed at great characterization for a number of the principals, so not everything fell down in that department.

    They also lost their way a bit with a couple of them such as Teyla - the purposes of her being sort of "drifted" and it was clear the writing team in later seasons did not know what to do with her other then she be a strong member of the team. I will say this -Rachel Luttrell is really drop dead gorgeous - I had to be an adult to come to that realization....

    There is so much unfinished business for this series - I know the Stargate Atlantis Legacy book series helps close many of the loose threads, but I would like to see them acted out onscreen.

    Each Stargate series had something I liked, but I think this one had perhaps the best balance, and was the most "enjoyable" to watch. And to me at least it wore well.