• They trash the whole series, or movie, because it doesn't meet, "their" criteria, because a character is miscast. Prime Suspect, House of Cards, Star Trek, and on and on. Just take each version, on its entertainment value alone. I must confess, that there was but one, Sherlock Holmes! Basil Rathbone. If we are to make comparisons, is Benedict Cumberbatch better, or is Johnny Lee Miller? As I got older, I started to expand my appreciation, for The Casting Directors, that are aware of past and present, and come up with great actors, for roles based on well worn recycled fare. Cruise for Frasier! That's a stretch, but OK. I was entertained. The Mummy.

    This also applies here. All 3 actresses who have played Tennison have entertained us well. All were the right person for the part. Yes Maria Bello's, Tennison in New York version did not get a fair shake. But was perfectly cast as a NYC version. Helen Mirren in NYC? Not in my world. Bello in The UK. Tea time would have a whole new meaning! So this Tennison is perfect for 1973. I saw in the trivia section, that comparisons were made, about eye color, and the actresses actual ages, to their characters age, and they did not match, so this Tennison was not believable! C'mon!!

    This sadly short series was fantastic in all areas. Definitely a must watch for British Bobby Show fans. Cheerio Guv.

    P.S. We want more Stefanie Martini as Jane.