• Die Hard in all but name. The Last Boy Scout is one underrated and unfairly overlooked gem. It is actually one of my favourite Bruce Willis movies. In many ways it might seem like the standard action movie that he has done so many times but there is much more to this movie. It has many similarities in the feel of it to the Die Hard series and Willis character Joe Hallenbeck is pretty much John McClane. So far that this movie could easily have been transformed into a Die Hard movie with minor rewrites. The Last Boy Scout is a far worthier sequel than the fourth and fifth movie, that pretty much goes without saying but it might actually be better than the second one as well.

    The Last Boy Scout was written by Shane Black and it has all his trademarks, humour, interesting story and great characters . The plot is really surprisingly well written much more complicated than one would be expecting. Action movies seldom focus much on the story because it´s not the selling point. The Last Boy Scout has a great plot that takes many surprising twists and requires your attention all the way through. The first time I saw it I didn´t grasp how it all hung together. Then there's the dialogue which is just excellent. So many memorable and hilarious quotes perfectly delivered and most of them by Bruce Willis. Brilliant dialogue is just obvious if you know Shane Black and have seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or more recently The Nice Guys. Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans are perfect in the leads as two unmatched buddies that are forced together. Allegedly they did not get along but maybe it was to the movies advantage. Taylor Negron is likewise great as the menacing villain. The action is thrilling and very brutal. What´s great however is that it´s well thought out and not overdone like that it goes on for too long and just becomes cartoonishly over the top like often happens. The action is sporadic but totally intense and thrilling when it comes. Of course it´s not realistic but more thought out than many. Great directing from Tony Scott.

    The Last Boy Scout is a top-notch comedy action thriller unfairly forgotten that hopefully is being or should be rediscovered.