• Warning: Spoilers
    I watched in the hope of learning the story of this man that stunned many by becoming the U.S. president. Since he and I are about the same age I hoped for something beyond what I already knew. No chance. Actually, I knew more apparently than the folks doing the documentary.

    All the so-called insights and revelations are old opinions anyone can research on the internet or old newspapers. I watched as he was called a psycho and a sociopath by several people in his past who had dealings with Trump. Unfortunately I remember the news of the time and insults from these folks don't hold much water. One or two are very questionable sources.

    Nothing new. More bias. No secrets. Trump, in my opinion, has done some things I would never do or would be ashamed to do but does that make him an evil sociopath with no values? Not in my mind. Society sure is dumbing down rapidly.