• When I saw this title on Netflix, my first thought was "Oh god, Donald Trump paid someone to make a propaganda documentary about himself". There were no reviews on IMDB yet, so I just decided I would give the first episode a chance.

    I found it to be actually very interesting and watched the whole thing over 2 afternoons. It isn't biased towards him. It tells the story and just shows what a true sociopath he really is, and how he is a master of using hyperbole at all times to inflate his image and whatever he may be attempting to do.

    Donald Trump understands the game and how do use the media to his advantage, even when everything appears to be falling apart. He is possibly the greatest con artist that the world as ever seen.

    Whether you like him or not, it's entertaining to watch, and it definitely says some things that the president would not approve of. Judging from some of the stories, I'm amazed that anyone actually has the balls to say anything negative about him on a documentary, knowing he enjoys threatening to sue anyone that has an opinion that doesn't show him in a positive light. Maybe this documentary will be the end of Netflix. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this documentary is suddenly no longer available in a week or 2.